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Auto interior part mold

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Auto interior part mold


- Mold for all the auto interior part.
- Customized support with know-how, new material and technology.


Door trim : Material (PVC + PP, PP, PVC + wood stock, PVC + resin felt)
Headlining : Material (Wall paper + PU foam dry type, Wet type, MPPO, KP sheet, Azdel sheet, FS, FZ, Resin felt)
Sun shade : Material (Wall paper + Azdel (PP+Glass Wool)
Trunk side : Material (Wall paper + PP, PET)
Trunk lid / frt : Material (Wall paper + PP, PET)
Battery cover : Material (Wall paper + PU Foam, Glass Wool)
Luggage side : Material (Wall paper + PP, PET)
Luggage board : Material (Wall paper + Wood Stock, PP+Glass Fiber)
Engine undershield : Material (Wall paper + Natural Fiber)
Engine under cover : Material (PU + Glass Fiber , PP+GF)
Load floor : Material (Wall paper + Wood stock, PP+Glass Fiber)
Insulator dash inner : Material (Heavy layer + PU foam, PET)
Insulator hood : Material (Wall paper + resin felt, PU foam, glass wool)
Insulator dash otr : Material (Wall paper + resin felt, glass wool)
Package tray : Materia l(Wall paper + wood stock, Natural fabric
Carpet : Material (Carpet + felt, PU foam)
Mat side carpet : Material (Carpet, PU foam)
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Door trim


Sun shade

Trunk side

Trunk lid  frt

Luggage cover

Insulator hood